Music, sweet music…

There’s a saying….”Music soothes the soul”. Well, not mine! Music ignites my soul. Sets my soul on fire. Makes me feel alive! Music makes me feel….even when I don’t think I have the energy to do so.
A song can make you remember things you’d rather forget, and yet another song can remind you of a magical moment that should never be forgotten. That is it’s power. Just hearing the introductory note of a familiar song can evoke memories of people and places. Of who you were….and what made you who you are now. It makes you feel.
My tastes are eclectic, to say the least. My playlists are compiled of anything from Joni Mitchell to Parkway Drive, from Missy Higgins to Tool, from Jackson Browne to One Republic and Dusty Springfield to Metallica. …and everything in between. I love it when someone introduces me to a song I’ve never heard before, and I end up liking it. It creates an ongoing link to that person whenever I hear the song again and always makes me happy.
Sometimes the lyrics are the important part. They can say things I can’t find my own words to say. Other times it’s the music that’s important. The melody, a beat that unleashes deep-rooted emotion. Oh, but when you find a song that combines the two…when it makes your heart swell and your soul sing….when you tingle from head to toe…there is no greater thing in this world!
That right there my friends, is the magic of music. It is powerful and overwhelming. …and I can’t imagine a life without it.

Don’t stop believing. xx


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