Fun Time…..

It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks. I’ve devastated the Cameraman, even though I don’t even know him. I forgot all about the Brit, who’s back in town and wants to catch up….will have to find an excuse to get rid of him. I met Bear, and he’s kinda cool. I’ve had my heart broken all over again by the G-Man.
For someone who apart from a little smooch and an almost/awkward grope in recent times, has only been intimate with 2 men in the last 27 years…..I certainly have  managed to get myself in a pickle! Obviously my choice of who I would like to be intimate with is very limited now that G-Man is not a possibility.  😦   but I’m trying not to think about nunneries just yet.
Fortunately, I won’t have to think about it this weekend! I have a girlfriend visiting from home. She is an amazing woman who is stronger than anyone I know….so for the purposes of this blog, I shall call her Xena!
Unless something unexpected happens, men are off the agenda and it will be all about fun and good old-fashioned drunkenness. That wonderful kind of drinking where you don’t have to watch what you say, or check your behaviour because you are with someone who knows you so well that they won’t hold it against you. Complete and total absence of fucks given. I’m looking forward to it….a chance to exhale after holding my breath for so long.
I’ll keep you posted. ….

Don’t stop believing. xx


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