I drink alone….


The words above are the reason why things have yet again gone pear-shaped with G-Man. 😦
A very brief return to friendship went sour this week when I mistook a request for a favour from him. The best of intentions can turn around and bite you on the arse very quickly….so now we are most definitely not on speaking terms yet again.😣 The situation has confused me greatly, but without going into details, I will continue doing what I do….exercise understanding and forgiveness….no matter how difficult that may be.
It’s been a really shitty week, really. The kind of week where misery is written on your face and strangers offer a hug? I could do with a big, protective “Bear” hug, but he’s working.
The Princess called in and I snapped at her so she left. The Protester is getting cranky with me, so I am now breaking my golden rule…and having a couple of drinks by myself. Drinking is a social thing for me, so I tend to avoid it when I’m alone, but I have to say that it’s feeling ok right about now. A few glasses of wine, music, footy…and I’ll probably be in bed by 7pm. All good.:)

Don’t stop believing. xx


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