Ebbs and flows…

It’s been a weird kind of week.
An uneasy sense of civility has been restored with G-Man. It’s not ideal, but helps me to function in my fairyland world.
Bear has gone. He came over last weekend to hang out. The Protester wasn’t very nice to him….for all her faults she’s not normally disrespectful to guests so it was unusual. I haven’t heard from him since but I’m not really bothered. Anybody who knows anything about me would agree that someone who has to attend court-appointed anger management really isn’t the man for me.
The Protester and I talked about things the next day….and she admitted that she probably has her own G-Man issues. She’s comparing men to G-Man and that’s not fair. It made me a little sad that she too missed the “good” G-Man.
I went out for dinner with a treasured friend midweek….ate, talked and had a good time. I’d forgotten how gentlemen act so it was a good reminder.
Anyway, organised a last minute coffee date with a man I had only just started communicating with. Met him last night, drank coffee and chatted. I brought him home, fed him dinner, watched the footy and chatted some more. He’s a “newbie” to singledom so quite timid, but very sweet. He has been very attentive and has texted all day and we’re doing dinner on Wednesday night. No “spark” as yet, but he’s interesting enough for me to want to learn more. He explained what he does for work but I kinda zoned out. It involved cables…so he will be known as Cable Guy.
It really shouldn’t have, but the week has left me feeling empty and a little weepy. Icecream helped a bit, so I’m going to assume I’m hormonal.
The next week is going to be huge! Lots going on that I will fill you in on later in the week. 😉

Don’t stop believing. xx


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