Soooo…I went on a second date with Cable Guy last night. Days of his constant sweet texting saw us have dinner and a stroll. Food was good. Conversation was good. Weather was good. It was good. He is polite, courteous and attentive. I’m just not feeling it. A super sweet message when I got home “thanking me for just being me” made me sigh.  Cable Guy is quite smitten…but I don’t think I am. There’s no flip floppy tummy, no excitement, no “it”. I’ll see how it pans out, but I’m really unsure.
I won’t have time to worry about him this weekend though….I have far too much going on! My Mum arrives on Friday. Princess gets induced and I will meet my grandson! And…Dumbass, the Whore and the Lust Child will be in town for the birth. I am a bundle of anxiety!  I am well and truly over Dumbass…that’s not an issue…but I have yet to face the Whore and the Lust Child so it will be interesting. I will do it and all will be fine, but it ain’t gonna be easy! I think though that it’s a good thing we are all able to do these kind of things and somehow share major events in our kids’ lives.
The next update I give you, I will be a “Glamma”…because I’m far too glamorous to be a Grandma. 😉
Wish me luck!

Don’t stop believing. xx


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