What a week! I am a Glam-ma!
Princess gave birth to an adorable little boy last weekend. It seems only right that we keep it royal, so for the purpose of this blog, he shall be known as Prince. ❤  It was a tough day for all concerned, but the end result was divine.
I managed to somehow miss Dumbass and his little family altogether. Not sure how that actually happened but it was a bonus.
It wasn't the original plan, but I ended up being there for the birth. I can only hope that my unusual coaching method actually did some good. I guess another unusual thing this new grandmother did was head straight from the birthing suite to a date lol. I was a little overwhelmed by Cable Guy's attention so when the Brit popped back into town and suggested a drink, I jumped at the chance. It was a little later than expected by the time I got there, but it was great to catch up with him. There's no romantic future there, but gee he makes me laugh. It was a nice relaxing end to a huge day.
The following days saw meltdowns galore. The Protester's anxiety was through the roof, Princess and her hormones were predictably nuts and I struggled with grandparenthood, persistent men and life in general. I decided to take a week off work because quite simply it was the only thing in my life I could alter to relieve some stress. I was so wound up I thought I might snap. In amongst everything stood my amazingly practical and organised mother. We are all so blessed that she is in our lives.
Cable Guy doesn't seem to want to go away. I made a decision yesterday to perhaps just give him a go? To stop chatting to everyone else and not be so frightened by his niceness. So, decision kinda made….and then a couple of hours later his flowers arrive at my door! Roses with a card saying "Thanks for being you". Awwww. I have waited my whole life to receive flowers from a man and I was touched. Admittedly, I wasn't as touched as I should be….but lukewarm is better than cold. Right?
I'm just lacking enthusiasm in everything right now….I think it's a self-preservation thing to stop me getting so overwhelmed. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Don't stop believing. xx


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