…..and exhale!

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated and I’m not quite sure where to begin. I had a string of coffee/wine dates that had potential. A couple of “other” dates that served a purely physical purpose. I also had a little group of people I communicated with along the same lines as Tiger….fun, harmless, filthy and absolutely positively never to be met face-face! Three very different groups of men that each had a role in my life, but none that crossed over from one group to another. Until one crazy day a few weeks ago….

I had been chatting to a cheeky young man I had named Trouble. Trouble was most definitely in the 3rd group. Never, ever to be met in the flesh. Trouble however, had a way of getting in my head. Challenging me. He almost dared me to meet him….for one strictly physical night. He called me out on my bullshit and told me how ridiculous it was that one man couldn’t belong to all my little groups. Tried to convince me that it was possible to have a “1, 2 and 3” all rolled into one. Anyway 10 minutes into our meeting, stars aligned, clouds parted, rainbows appeared….and he has been by my side ever since! He’s younger than me, which seems to bother me…but not him. He’s a free-thinking positive person that wants to change the world in his own way. He encourages my fairytale, supports my relentless Pollyanna attitude and makes beautiful believable. He knows my worth without question and values my thoughts. He has set me free to be my true self….and I’m loving it. You haven’t heard anything about him, and you may not. Whatever “this” is may last a month, a year or a lifetime…all I know is that it’s an important and pivotal relationship that I know will affect the rest of my life. For anyone that has known me throughout my life, imagine me with a fellow peace-loving hippy who places zero importance on material things. Who wants to chain himself to trees, lives by no rules and knows that harmony in the mind and emotions is paramount to physical good health. A man that likes that I’m a dreamer, challenges my mind, will do anything to keep me smiling, captures my mind, eye and body? If you know who I am….then you will know how truly at peace I am. How finally, finally, finally I am allowed to exhale! That’s cool. 🙂

Briefly in other news….Princess is cruising along as mum to the simply adorable Prince. Glamma is still adjusting, but I’m getting there.❤

The Protester is riding her usual rollercoaster and dragging me along with her. She’s facing challenges that unfortunately I can’t always help with. We’ll be right in the end though…watch this space. 😉

G-Man severed all contact so he could move forward. Having said that, he still finds the occasional reason to send a message. Hindsight has been a great teacher for me there. I now know he didn’t treat me as well as I thought. It was a rough ride back to an acceptable level of self-worth and confidence, but now I’m there, I’m not giving it up again. I wish him well because given half a chance he can actually be a good person. I hope one day he can surround himself with people that allow that to shine.

All in all, life is good!

Don’t stop believing. xx 



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