Monthly Archives: June 2016

Loving myself…..

A strange thing happens when you start just doing it for yourself. When you behave, dress and be who you want to be, and not how you think you should be. You seem to adopt a style that is unique and comfortable…and somehow just become more attractive. I am loving myself sick right now! I don’t ever remember being so comfortable in my own skin. I walk out the door and actually feel good about how I look. I’m back into heels and makeup and I have a certain “strut” that has been missing for a long time. It feels pretty damn ok!
I’ve done my best to get rid of Cable Guy. He’s not really taking the hint, but he’s promised to give me space. 30 whole hours without his incessant texting has been bliss. He’s a really sweet man, but just no fun. I need fun.
Cameraman is still being a pest and holding onto the hope that I will change my mind about him. No chance.
I’ve actually been a bit cheeky this week and been trading raunchy texts with a very handsome man down the coast. Actually, not raunchy….just plain filthy! I don’t even know where some of the stuff I send even comes from? I must have a little devil on my shoulder! It’s fun and is not hurting anybody though so it’s all good. I will never meet him so there’s no danger involved….emotional or physical. The funny thing is, texting is filthy but in actual phone conversations we talk about ordinary things. Neither of us are quite so brave when speaking! He has a very sexy voice and we get on so well….in any other circumstance I would be super keen to meet him. We follow the same football team, so he shall be known as Tiger. 😉

So, I’m feeling great about myself and I’m amusing myself with a mysterious and fun stranger. I’m on speaking terms with G-Man (much more about that in my next post)…which we all know helps with my “harmony issues” and Summer has gone. All in all, life is bearable!

Don’t stop believing. xx